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The Gift of Energy Savings

My wife might say that I’m practical to a fault. If I can’t use it or eat it, I probably don’t want it (anything from my kids being a very noted exception). And I don’t think I’m alone (or am I?). I just don’t like “stuff”. If you know someone similar and are in need […]

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Spotlight On: Energy Smart Colorado

Energy assessments help Coloradans save energy and money By Peter Rusin, Energy Smart Colorado and Suzie Romig, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council For years, Steamboat Springs residents Mayling Simpson and Paul Hebert maintained their Steamboat Springs house as home base during their busy careers of international health and humanitarian aid work. When they retired and returned […]

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The Truth Behind LEDs

They’re sleek. They’re cool. They’re getting cheaper. But do LED tubes deliver on the energy savings they promise? The answer: it depends. In informal testing, CSU found some surprising results when comparing various 4’ linear LED tube lamps (T8s) to one another and to 4’ linear fluorescent T8 and T12 lamps. Fluorescent T8 lamps are […]

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