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Keep Your Cool

About this time of year, I always start to wonder if my house will be comfortable enough to get my family through the heart of summer. We still haven’t made the leap to an active cooling system and we’ve been fine without one. In part that’s because we’re cheap. But it’s also due to our […]

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Trees, Energy, & People

What if someone told you that something beautiful, organic, and potentially stately could cut your cooling bills in half and also reduce your heating bills? What if that thing could also provide a home for birds, something to climb, and a source of oxygen for the planet? Yep – trees can cut your energy bills […]

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Energy Savings for Schools

Guest Author: Katie Kershman, Brendle Group The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that K-12 schools waste, on average, 30 percent of their energy through inefficient buildings. This translates to high energy bills for schools with limited resources and concerns about their outdated lighting, heating, and cooling, which often affect student learning. Because K-12 schools are […]

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Turkey Tracks

When you’re basting that turkey in preparation for a house full of guests on Thanksgiving, one of the last things you’ll probably think about is energy. No arguments there. But did you ever wonder how much energy you use for cooking in general and how to conserve? For most of us, cooking makes up a […]

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Leaf Blowin’ in the Wind

“ZZZZrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnng!!!!!!!!! ZZZZrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnng!!!!!!!!!”, said the gas-powered leaf blower at 70 decibels. Yeah, they sure have a way of catching one’s attention. That sound has become more ubiquitous in recent years, as leaf blowers have caught on for both professional landscapers and homeowners alike. The question is: what does this noise mean for energy and the environment? […]

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