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Energy Questions Answered

Reducing Appliance Electricity Use   arrow

Tips to Reduce Appliance Electricity Use

Appliances can be expensive and use considerable amounts of energy. To reduce your energy use and save money, start by following this checklist.

  • Maintain your refrigerator at 36-40 degrees F and your freezer at 0 degrees F.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed whenever possible.
  • Regularly clean dust out of the coils behind or under your refrigerator.
  • Minimize freezer ice build-up.
  • Use microwave ovens for cooking small meals.
  • Adjust the flame on gas cooking appliances so it is blue, not yellow.
  • If you have a newer dishwasher, skip pre-rinsing the dishes.
  • Run the dishwasher only with a full load.
  • Air dry dishes in your dishwasher.
  • Regularly clean the lint filter on your dryer and inspect the dryer vent to make sure it is not blocked.
  • Consider air drying clothes and optionally “finishing them” in the dryer.
  • Do not overload your dryer as it takes clothes longer to dry.
  • Shut down home computers when not in use and/or set them to go into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Plug small electronics into a power strip so you can turn them all off at the same time.
  • Avoid keeping cell phone chargers plugged in when not in use.
  • Turn off the TV when no one is viewing it.
  • Select appliances such as coffee pots that have time-limited shut off switches.
  • Replace aging appliances, when needed, with energy efficient Energy Star models.
  • Compare the annual energy consumption and operating costs for each appliance being considered by looking at the bright yellow Energy Guide labels.