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LED Holiday Lights

Light emitting diode (LED) technology can be used in place of incandescent holiday light bulbs to keep electricity costs low during the holiday season. A string of 125 large C7 incandescent bulbs using 4 watts per bulb would use 500 watts when turned on. A string of 300 miniature incandescent bulbs using 0.4 watts each would use 120 watts when turned on. In contrast, a string of 300 LED bulbs using 0.04 watts each would use only 12 watts when turned on. If each of these strings ran for 12 hours per day over a 40 day period, the C7 incandescent string would cost a typical home $24, the miniature incandescent string would cost $5.76, and the LED string would cost 57 cents! Households running multiple strings can experience even greater savings. The increased up-front cost of the LED lights can typically be offset in two to three holiday seasons when compared to mini-incandescents. Other advantages of using LED holiday lights include:

  • their long life span (typically 20,000 hours or 40 holiday seasons);
  • their cool temperature (reducing the risk of fire); and
  • reduced risk of overloading the wall socket when connecting multiple strings.
Last updated: August 30, 2017 at 16:07 pm