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Energy Questions Answered

5 Eye-Popping Energy and Climate Facts

  1. Vehicle fuel is the #1 source of carbon emissions for the average Colorado household.

Coloradans drive an average of 25,000 miles per year. See more here.

  1. Gasoline and diesel vehicles have less climate impact than natural gas vehicles.

The latest research shows that 2.4% of produced natural gas is released into the atmosphere, which has a large short-term impact on climate. See more here.

  1. Low-flow showerheads can have a payback period of less than one year.

A household of two using a single shower fueled by a conventional natural gas water heater would save $33/year. See more here.

  1. 200% efficient heat pumps are responsible for more carbon emissions than 80% efficient gas furnaces.

Although Colorado’s electric grid is getting cleaner, heating with electricity currently tends to result in higher emissions than heating with gas. See more here.

  1. Switching to LED bulbs can save you thousands of dollars on solar.

If a home with 30 incandescent bulbs switched to LED, it could save $4,500 on the upfront cost of a solar array. See more here.


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