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Impact of Solar Tariffs

We are inching ever closer to a firm decision on the fate of tariffs on imported solar cells and panels. In September, the U.S. International Trade Commission unanimously agreed that imports of these goods from certain countries cause serious harm to the domestic manufacturing industry. Then on October 31, ITC Commissioners made specific recommendations to […]

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Green Power Purchasing

As utilities continue their march toward clean and renewable energy, it may be time to rethink the value of green power purchasing programs. These programs, such as Xcel’s WindSource program, can be hard to understand. At a basic level, a utility customer can choose to pay a premium on one’s own energy consumption to support […]

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Efficiency Isn’t the Enemy

Since the time of Thomas Edison, electric utilities have collected revenues and generated profits by selling electricity. That’s what they do. Recently, however, some utilities have recognized that their customers are more interested in saving energy than in buying it. So in order to keep the peace and continue making ends meet, these innovators have […]

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Two Sides to a Tariff

President Trump has indicated interest in placing tariffs on foreign imports in order to boost domestic manufacturing. For the solar industry, however, the issue of tariffs gets complicated fast. For context, it’s important to understand that solar panels are made up of solar cells that actually generate the electricity. American solar cell manufacturing has been […]

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Weatherstrip Your Furnace

Weatherstrip your furnace. Caulk your solar panels. Drive an electric hot water heater. With so much energy information being thrown about, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. So here’s our attempt to break down some simple and straightforward energy advice that goes a bit beyond the norm. Get an audit. If you’re serious about […]

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Liening Solar?

By guest author Andrew Ehrnstein of Solar City Those considering going solar may wonder, ‘does installing solar on my house create a lien’? The short answer is: almost certainly not. It does depend on the company. However, it would be good to know what a lien is, and how this might or might not come […]

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