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Farm Energy Audits

What is a farm energy audit?

A farm energy audit is a systematic review of a farm’s energy use intended to uncover inefficiencies and cost-effective improvements. A farm energy audit can look at the energy use of buildings, equipment, and even field operations. In some cases, audits can target just one aspect of a farm’s energy use such as irrigation pumps.

DIY online farm energy audit
Is funding available for farm energy audits?
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Irrigation Pumps

How can I reduce pumping costs?

Besides not pumping more water than necessary, irrigators can also address pumping plant efficiency:

  • Adjust impellers
  • New bowls designed for well requirements
  • Use of appropriate engine (for natural gas)
  • Operate pumps in range of optimal pressure and flow parameters
  • Regular maintenance

Renewable energy such as solar often require an initial investment but may allow irrigators to pay less over time for electricity than they would have without renewables. A careful analysis of costs and benefits must be conducted before investing, as irrigation practices and rates are not always amenable to renewable energy.

How can I test sprinkler nozzle wear?

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How can I manage energy expenses in the greenhouse?

Farm Equipment

How can I run a tractor more efficiently?

Wheel slip occurs when the tires are turning faster than the ground speed of the tractor. Too much slip makes it hard to pull implements. Too little slip anchors tires to the soil and wastes fuel. Wheel slip is optimized at about 8-15%. It is optimized at the lower end of that range for firm soil and at the high end of that range for soft or sandy soil.

Watch this video to learn how to measure your tractor’s wheel slippage:

How much is farm equipment costing me?


What funding is available to make farm energy upgrades?

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